I might be a human that does dishes

After reading and thinking about Manning, the Wikileaking soldier, I am taken by this question:

What would you do different if you identified as human, rather than a man or woman?
So, Manning is female-identified, but it made me think about a genderless society.
I wonder if Manning will feel better about herself once she can live as a woman, or if regulating gender as we do has caused her to feel she must choose one or the other. I was reading a piece on bisexuality and a critique of the sexuality spectrum and how it forces people to somehow choose between homo or hetero, when some just are attracted to and love people of whatever gender and feel no tension in that, except the tension society forces onto them.
So it made me wonder about those with alternate gender experiences from the ‘normal’ I’m accustomed to.
I couldn’t help but take it a step further and think, what if I could stop trying to be a [good] woman. Or even stop trying to be a woman, of whatever sort. What does that mean for motherhood. I’m currently breastfeeding, so that also adds a curiosity to that.
I have to admit though, I think we would all be better off to focus on being good humans, biological humans for sure with our hormones and physical realities protected (speaking of birthing more humans and caring for them here), but humans in general.
On Facebook today, the issue of gender nouns and pronouns in English was brought up by someone much more aware of the LGBTQ community than I am. I said I was sure something would pop up that would stick, though probably nothing being put out there.
So, of course, as I pondered our humanity, I thought, why not just human and hue? ‘Man’ could even remind us how far we’ve come. I don’t know how human breaks down as a derivation of probably Latin or something, but I could comfortably say, regularly, “Did you see that human with the cool back pack? Hue must love hue’s books.”
Throwing an ‘e’ at the end of ‘hu,’ can remind us of the rainbow of colors that humanity is, not that we’re trying to find some bland, santized androgynous ‘higher’ humanity, but instead embrace humanity’s variations.
Anyways, for this week, I’m going to focus on my humanity instead of being a heterosexual female.
It has even occurred to me that I might just do the dishes because they’re dirty and not because I’m a woman or refuse to do them because I’m a feminist. Wouldn’t it just be refreshing to act, without thought to your gender? I didn’t realize how much I think about myself like that, but I do, and I think a week will show me even more.
If you want to join me in attempting to capture your gender-identity speak in your mind or your feelings of gender as your week progresses and acting human beyond that, let me know in the comments below.
We will check in each day (Friday, August 23 through Thursday, August 29, 2013) and explore what comes up.

One thought on “I might be a human that does dishes

  1. This is an entirely fascinating topic. I’ve read about searches for gender-neutral pronouns on other sites too. The one I thought sounded promising was ‘hen’ for ‘her’ and ‘him.’ Lots of languages have genderless personal pronouns. I like ‘hue’ too. It has lots of possibilities.

    I umpire city league summer softball in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN, though I am a native South Dakotan of Santee and European blood. I was just talking with a friend today about the fact that occasionally males explode at games over perceived bad calls or plays that don’t go their way. In my experience 95% of men are good sports. This has only happened on men’s teams. Women have not yelled and screamed. Neither have men on coed teams. All genders become angry and dispute calls, but only men behave in such a way that their teammates are embarrassed and apologize for the one.

    Why is that? We did not have a definitive answer, but several thoughts about possible contributing factors.

    Now, coupled with your post Tishi, I wonder how deep a role gender identity plays in those intemperate outbursts? I wonder what would change if those players did not think of themselves as men first, but as humans. Interesting.

    I will work on carrying out your suggestion this week. It will be difficult, especially because I very much like being a woman and I very much like women. Nonetheless, I will check in to let you know how it goes.


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